About Us


Cozy's History


Built in 1900, Cozy’s officially was established as a Tavern in 1932. Over the past century the business has changed hands many times, yet it has never closed and has always been Cozy’s. Cozy's is now one of the Islands most popular restaurants serving burgers, pizza and much more. Over the last decade the current owners have focused their time and energy into bringing Cozy’s back to its original glory, making many necessary repairs as well as a continued pride in its history. Today, Cozy’s is again the community meeting place it once was long ago. You will not find many family ran Restaurants these days!  Our regular customers and staff are what make Cozy’s so wonderfully special.  Enjoy your visit, come often and never forget the rich history we have on Whidbey Island!!


Cozy's Owners


Stephanie Cook was born on Whidbey Island, so when the time came to decide where to begin her family the decision was simple! in 1998 her husband Troy and herself settled in to their new island life. A decision they would never regret. 

In 2000 the Cooks bought their first business, La Paz Baja Mexican Restaurant, in Clinton. They owned and operated it until 2006 when they were approached with an offer to buy Cozy's Roadhouse which was located next door to their current business.

October 1st, 2006 Stephanie and Troy Cook took on the task of re-branding, reviving and renovating the over 100-year-old business. All of Whidbey Island has been greatly supportive and patient over the last decade as things have progressed. Clinton is happy to have this piece of its history preserved. 

The menu is now focused on items that everyone can afford without sacrificing quality. The kitchen is 100% MSG free, all bread products are Non-GMO Grains, no preservatives, 100% natural, clean label and all of the meat is butcher cut in Washington just for Cozy’s. Cozy's takes the time to care about the food you eat so you do not have to.

"Every day we give our all to Cozy's, our community and our Family! Clinton is a wonderful community and we are grateful to be a part of it." Stephanie T. Cook