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5 pc fish and chips

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Out side ordering & Pick up

Out side ordering & Pick up


Curbside parking is located by the back entrance into the poker room. We have three spots that are dedicated for curbside pickup. Let us know if you would like us to put the food in your trunk or if you would like us to hand it to you as well as your name and a brief description of your car.  Please park in the spots if you have called for curbside. We will be using the back door to bring you your food and this is the most convenient place to park. Make sure you give us a call  and we will bring your food right out to you when it is done.

Out side ordering & Pick up

Out side ordering & Pick up

Out side ordering & Pick up

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Along with ordering online or on the phone You can also come to Cozy's n order in person. When you come to Cozy's there is no parking in the front of the building anymore. This is cordoned off for pedestrians. We have one window at the front of the building for ordering and 12 feet away we have a pickup window. Please observe social distancing rules when ordering and picking up your food. The employees that are inside the building will be distanced away from you. This is to keep everybody safe. There is absolutely no entrance into the building. All doors will remain locked during business hours. We are so excited to be able to serve you and please be patient with our new rules

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